The 'SolSaver' is device that grew out of the need to use stepped voltages to open a solenoid valve (specifically The NOS nirtous Oxide Valves ). These valves take about 12Volt to open when holding pressure but much less to hold the valve open. The valves were intended to be used in Automotive engine applications with relatively short duty cycles. When left open the coils had a tendency to overheat and burn out. The solution was a small pic/mosfet device that would power up, give the valve a full burst of voltage for a while, then pulse the voltage periodically to hold the valve open. Simple, workes directly in line with existing switches or computer interfaces and worked well. We called it the Solinoid Saver - SolSaver.

Of course, anything so useful can't be left alone. Soon the idea to add a predetermined Solinoid pulse length was added. And it seemed foolish to have an external pc to 12V conversion step so a 5V control Line was added. Lastly the ability to use the device from a RC stlye radio was added. Basically an Servo connected solinoid valve controller.

The unit works reliably, although next would probably be added some overload protection, The most interesting project that used the most was a 3 axis stabilized RCS system for a hovering project.

There is a small jumper block to select what mode the system should run in. the pins are Gnd, Dinput, on with power, pulse with power, high servo on, low servo on

The old PC board and all components are currently available. however, very few are currently assembled.

Fig 1. A view of the top of seven unitm assembly.


Last Revised: 28JUN2008