Some references, ideas, and analysis of assorted topics.

Astro Stuff:
The Propellant Cost of launching a pound to orbit, and why advanced launch vehicles are not needed now. Launch Propellant Cost
Drifting two satellites relative to each other with Precession
The Choice between Two or Three Stages in a Space Launch Vehicle.
The Advantage of a Direct versus Stopping on Orbit when going to Escape Velocity.
The value of going a little higher when flying a Rockoon or balloon launched rocket (one case, and just the numbers).
A concept for a launch vehicle with a existing market and fits in my garage CSLV
A concept for building a Orbcomm satellite constellation equivalent system with CubeSats Orbcomm to Cubesat Comparison
An illustration of available Space Resources Real Estate

Analysis (Rants) :
A Same Model Comparison of Conventional and Hybrid 2006 Ford Escape SUVs
A Same Model Comparison of cheap Gas and Diesel 1996 VW Jetta Econoboxs

Reference Information :
A graph of Lift to Drag versus Gee loading of a LEO reentry vehicle.
A chart of Delta V (km/sec) for moving around Earth-Moon-Mars.
A nomograph of Isp and Delta v to Mass fraction (sec,m/s,Minital/Mfinal).
A chart of Delta v versus Size of a few types of launch vehicles and the associated paper (not mine).
A chart of Storable Propellants Performances of a few common fuels and oxidizers.
A chart of Pressure Separation for an over expanded Nozzle.
A chart of Ballistic Trajectories in Canonical Units (Q=1= Orb Vel) for range vs speed from B,M&W.
A chart of Radio Sky Temperature for frequency and angles.
A Paper of Launchers under developement for Nano amd Micro Satellties .
A (Old) Spreadsheet of Small_Launcher_Database.ods for Nano amd Micro Satellties that I stole and added to. Where ? I don't know.
A Spreadsheet of Orbital changes for Perigee, Apogee or Inclinations for moving satelites.

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