Redyns, and it's associated incarnations, has delved into many areas. Some are merely thoughts about assorted topics, others are research topics, and still others are nearly marketable products. All seem interesting enough to list here.

Proposals, research or just concepts :
A way to go to Mars Today for one or two Billion Dollars
A way to simulate Mars communication links
A High Altitude Airship project we worked on for about 6 months.
A proposal for a Solar Sail Microspacecraft from 1998.

Significant Projects :
A programmable Timer to cut down high altitude balloons
A remote control unit for VHF radios using a Pic and DTMF chips
A solenoid controller that save them from burnout
A mod for a Find Me Spot to make it track for more than one hour,
A Tension Switch to detect when a line is slack, like when a balloon bursts.
A 3U Cubesat designed, built and flown OuRSat in 2019,
Dissertation: Attitude Determination from a Codeless GPS Signal Processing System
Part1 (pp0-51) , Part 2 (pp52-97) , Part 3 (pp 98-129)

Noteworthy links :
A great Idea to fly to the Stratosphere,Strato-X, that has slowed to a crawl (Jan 2006) for lack of investment.
A great group trying to fly to the moon, OpenLuna , that needs help.
A small local company, Rocket Lab USA, INC., that is protesting a Buy American contract going to New Zealand.

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